Mentoring as a Service (MaaS)

Mentoring as a Service’ (MaaS) is a pro-active monitoring and mentoring educational system, designed to support learning. MaaS is a holistic platform for live tutoring, providing real-time learning and interaction between the student and tutor. MaaS is designed to improve student retention and graduation rates through its pro-active and supportive platform, guiding the student through to graduation.

MaaS uses a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence engine that offers a complete solution for the needs of students and colleges. MaaS has proven its success, even with severely disadvantaged students.

What does MaaS do?

  • Predicts a student’s future academic performance and behavior
  • Provides the platform to modify a student’s behavior
  • Generates tutor alerts based on a student’s activity/non-activity and performance
  • Enables the tutor to communicate with the student in real-time
  • Records all student and tutor activity and communication
  • Generates daily/weekly/monthly reports of all student and tutor activity and performance

 MaaS helps academic institutions…

Identify high-risk students

Alert tutors to all student activity and inactivity

Connect the tutor to the student through built-in communication and instant messaging tools

Create a supportive mentoring environment

Monitor student progression and results

Improve student retention and graduation rates

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“Strive Software International’ Mentoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) software package and technical support is an unbeatable combination for any educational institution, especially for higher and distance education providers. The ability to tailor-make proactive monitoring solutions for student performance is the only authentic solution for mitigating the numbers of students-at-risk, as opposed to the traditional re-active approaches/plans. We have seen dramatic increases in student participation rates, which leaves us without any doubt that our students are developing much more positive study behaviours and attitudes due to MaaS.”

Dr. Hendrik Botha, Director and Academic Head: Boston City Campus & Business College