Founded in 1997 by Shaun Swartz following his extensive experience in education management software, Strive Software International has gone on to becoming a leading developer of education management systems. Identifying the need for an integrated administration system for colleges and based on his experience, Shaun developed ICAS®. Since then, Strive Software International has developed  an online Learning Management System (COL Campus) as well as numerous other education management systems.

Strive Software International is committed to innovation and ensuring that all systems remain up-to-date, sustainable and meet best practice standards. We interact with education managers to extend our knowledge of their challenges and provide a framework for effective and responsible management. Our team of developers are constantly working to update and improve our current systems as well as developing new systems that can further assist training providers.

Strive Software International is a South African company, currently with offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Gaborone, Botswana. Our client list spreads across several educational levels and types of training providers both in South Africa and internationally.

‘From a user perspective, ICAS has been easy to use and manage and the system has met all our expectations.’ Anthony Solomon, Managing Director – Connectivity