ICAS® Administration

The ICAS® administration modules are central to the daily running of a college. They structure and organise the core of the college and provide the necessary information required for resource and venue planning in just a few clicks. Increase the security of your information through the user profile management module, controlling the accessibilities of your users.

The academic structure module is central to managing any college, as well as being core to ICAS®. This module enables you to plan and manage your academic structure for a group of colleges, taking into consideration each campus, the qualifications and programmes offered at each campus, the breakdown of full-time and part-time courses and students, the various subjects offered, the duration of each subject, programme and qualification, as well as the numerous student fee structures.

ICAS® includes a powerful report writing tool that enables you to pull information from anywhere in the ICAS® database using a wide variety of layouts, fields, report logic, formatting and data selection. Choose from a host of standard reports, manipulate existing reports or create new ones that pinpoint the information you need. Then, publish reports in a variety of file formats, including HTML and PDF.

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